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Australia's leading Architectural Film, Window Film and Broad Platform Graphics designers and installers.


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Group 4 Architectural Finishes have over 30 years experience working with some of Australia’s leading Architectural Firms on some of Australia’s most iconic projects.

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, our capacity to manage complex projects across Australia is second to none.

About Us

Group 4 Architectural Finishes is Australia’s leading firm in the application of high quality graphics and prints plus window films for Architecturally specified fitouts, refits and brand new construction projects.

If your project encompasses office wall graphics, signage and glass graphics and or custom prints G4 Finishes will deliver, on time and on budget.





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At Group 4 Architectural Finishes, we use materials to compliment the overall concept of the design.

Whether you are implementing the simplistic and minimalist nature of Bauhaus or the flamboyance of Rayonnant, the textures used in the project are important to the overall concept. At G4 we understand this, leveraging our experience and skills with Architects and Designers to create stunning work and living spaces.

Meaningful Architecture

Understand how architectural finishes are implemented into meaningful architecture to create tonal contrasts.